About Us

By developers. For developers.

Founded in 2017, opeNode was built to allow to deploy any website seamleslly at low cost from tiny to large-scale websites.

We had this idea that even if you just need few MBs, you should be able to deploy with less than $1 per month.
Typical Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) have a starting plan at 500+ MBs and we wanted to disrupt this idea. We did it.

opeNode is mainly developed and maintained by Martin Lévesque, based in Montréal, Canada.





Fun & Creativity

guaranteed satisfaction

For Developer Productivity

All in one solution

For Side/Fun Projects
and Growing Companies

Hands Free.

No need to manage servers manually. Just keep on building your projects.

Fair Pricing.

No subscription billing. You are billed only when your instances are up.

Low Cost.

Tiny instances (as low as 128 MB RAM) availables. Ideal to get started at an extremely low cost.

Get started in minutes.

Push your code and get it deployed instantly.