Configuring a Custom Domain

For paid plans, we provide support for custom domains. You can either use a third party DNS such as cloudflare (Recommended) or our own nameservers.

First step: DNS Setting

You can either set NS Record or manual settings such as A Record and CNAME records. The advantage of using our NS nameservers is that you do not have to worry in case of IP change (rarely occurs).

NS Records:

NS Record

A Record:

At the end of your deployment, we provide the IP where your instance is deployed. You can use it to set an A record.

Second step: Configure your instance

Second, you need to set your opeNode instance to use a custom domain. You can either use our CLI or use the administration dashboard.


openode deploy

When you deploy an instance the first time (by typing openode deploy), you will be prompted to either enter a subdomain ( or enter a custom domain. To activate a custom domain, you have to enter your hostname (example:

You can also manage aliases (subdomains of your custom domain) using the openode CLI:

openode add-alias [alias]

An alias must be a subdomain of your custom domain, for example: and

To remove an alias:

openode del-alias [alias]

Administration Dashboard

You can create a custom domain in the admin dashboard, when you create a new website you just need to select Custom Domain and enter the hostnames.