To add SSL support (HTTPS), your instance must always listen to port 80. You do not need to listen to port 443. We highly recommend to checkout this guide to combine both Cloudflare and opeNode for FREE SSL if you have a custom domain. Otherwise you can see below how to use your own certificate.

See below the instructions depending on your URL type.

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS

If you would like to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS, just set the following config:

openode set-config REDIR_HTTP_TO_HTTPS true

Note that you MUST have a valid certificate to use that option (see the instructions below). Make sure to reload:

openode deploy

Custom Domains

You must provide valid certificate file paths if you need HTTPS. The certificate and private key files must be passed to our servers. You must set the following:

openode set-config SSL_CERTIFICATE_PATH your-cert-folder/certfile.crt
openode set-config SSL_CERTIFICATE_KEY_PATH your-cert-folder/keyfile.key

SSL_CERTIFICATE_PATH corresponds to the certificate path and SSL_CERTIFICATE_KEY_PATH is the private key path.


We currently provide HTTPS automatically for * for only the Canada location. That means * and * can't have HTTPS.