Storage Areas

The storage areas are folders which will never be deleted. Those folders can be used for storage purpose (file database, configurations, etc.) for example.

List storage areas

openode storage-areas

Add a storage area

openode add-storage-area [relative-folder]

Exemple [relative-folder]: db/

Delete a storage area

openode del-storage-area [relative-folder]

Exemple [relative-folder]: db/

Also, to avoid sending your local changes in storage areas, make sure to have a .openodeignore.

Accessing it from your application

A storage area is just a folder (or file) which we will not touch while sychronizing the file, so it can accessed as any other folder in your repository. If for example your storage area is "db/", you should access it as "./db/" from your root path.


You can create a snapshot and then download it, or you can also use the Repository Viewer in the Administration if you just need to view the list the files.