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Web Socket API

To get real-time information about your instances we provide a web socket API which can be used as described below. We describe the usage using the node ws package for illustration - any web socket client can be used.


To connect, you need to specify both our web socket API url and API token, as follows:

const ws = new WebSocket("wss://", {
  headers: {
    token: "Your token here"

Note that you can also specify the token in the query string (wss://

Subscribing to a channel

To subscribe to a given channel, you need to send a message as follows:

const msgToEstablish = {
  command: 'subscribe',
  identifier: JSON.stringify(channelParameters)

Where channelParameters is:

  channel: "name of the channel",
  otherParameters: "...",

Available Channels

Deployment Channel

channelParameters = {
  channel: 'DeploymentsChannel',
  deployment_id: "deployment ID"

WebsiteEvents Channel

channelParameters = {
  channel: 'WebsiteEventsChannel',
  website_id: "website ID"

Receiving messages

To read the messages, you can get them as follows:

ws.on('message', (msg) => {
  // process the msg here...