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Domain Name System (DNS) for Custom Domains

The DNS settings are available either while using the CLI at the end of a deployment or via the administration, under Settings > DNS and Aliases.

We provide both CNAME and A records to use, see below the details.

CNAME Record (Recommended)

Depending on the location, you will get a CNAME record accordingly. CNAME records are recommended, since they are not set to specific IPs and will thus not change over time. If we change the servers configurations or infratructure, you will not be impacted.

Important note: If you need to set a root domain (Example:, you can use an ALIAS @ or URL redirect to redirect to a subdomain such as, and where itself can be a CNAME record.

A Record (Can change over time, not recommended)

We also provide an A Record in case you want to test it with an A Record. However, it is worth noting that the provided IP can change over time, and so it is not recommended.


Alias a custom domain to an opeNode subdomain

It is not currently possible to add a custom domain ( alias to a subdomain (

You can however set an Host header, as follows with curl:

curl -H "Host:"