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Scheduler / Cron Jobs

The scheduler functionnality allows to define recurring jobs using the crontab format. It can be configured either via the administration or via command lines.

A cron job file looks like the following:

# m h  dom mon dow   command
0 5 * * * cd /opt/app/ && node job.js

In this example it will run node job.js everyday at 5 o'clock.


The scheduler is accessible via the Administration, in instance Settings > Scheduler.

Note that by default, .openode.cron is written automatically when you set the scheduler via the administration.

Update your Dockerfile

In most templates Dockerfile, we include instruction for activating cronjobs.

For example, the Node.js minimal template contains the following lines:

RUN echo 'crond' >> /
# RUN echo 'crontab .openode.cron' >> /
# ...
# CMD sh / && npm start

And so to activate cronjobs you just need to uncomment the second line, to have:

RUN echo 'crond' >> /
RUN echo 'crontab .openode.cron' >> /
# ...
# CMD sh / && npm start