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An online collaborative whiteboard that is simple, free, easy to use and to deploy. WBO is an online collaborative whiteboard that allows many users to draw simultaneously on a large virtual board. The board is updated in real time for all connected users, and its state is always persisted. It can be used for many different purposes, including art, entertainment, design, teaching. It is already deployed on and I'm redeploying it in order to use the custom domain wbo.oph...

Regional Covid is a custom API that focuses on providing local or regional COVID-19 data based on data from How The API Works Once the default country is set, Total Global data, Regional OR Local data is scraped from by Puppeteer and then saved to a Redis Database which is an in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Redis is wicked fast hence the choice of database for this project. When End-users consume the...

Open source application program for dedicated volunteer developers to build applications that helped in the organic construction of information between members and non-members inside and outside national and international communities.

Corona live stats show current corona outbreaks status collected from worldometers. This project is a non-benefit project that aims to provide people most update coronavirus information. We plan use to host our backend!

hearts game created to test online efficiency and multiplayer lagging, written in several languages testing, debugging and deploying so lets go there and try it ourselves ss ss sss ss sss sss

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