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Crie links para serviços que você usa (ex. WhatsApp), de forma gratuíta. É feito usando node.js; sqllite3; html; css; js; png; express; os-utils; npm; etc. .Ainda é open-source. Tente! Thanks to

A Discord bot that handles all the needs of our custom ladder server for the anime song guessing game on The bot allows players to queue in for ranked 1v1 matches on formats of their choosing, and calculates Elo gain/loss based on their results.

Hello :) I'm french so excuse me for my grammar. I'm 22 and passing a master degree in computer science. This project is a student project I have made in order to get experience and know better nodeJS, pug and JS. Thank you and have a nice day

In this project, we analyze the use of VR in higher education. The main idea is to evaluate the usage of VR in classrooms. We, therefore, implement a VR prototype that can be used and evaluated with and by the students in a real-world scenario. The implementation is a game called "Who Am I" where people (avatars) in a VR world get a name assigned which they can not see and have to ask the other participants questions and guess who they are.

NewWeather is a small open source web app based on node.js and the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) API. Being fed up with other bloated and slow-to-load weather services after the weather service we used previously merged with another one, and discouraged by the ugly and hard to read graphs on the NWS website, I decided to build my own small weather app. This app turns the NWS API data into non-bloated, readable graphs that wouldn't take too long to load, even on mobile devices with slowe...

This web site provides graphs and data about the evolution of Covid-19 in Basque Country. The data updates dinamically form Open Data Euskadi, the Basque Government open data platform.

The php file hosted on OpeNode allows to fetch data from the "pont entente Valabre" website which shows if the forests are open or not in South of France during summer (now :) ) If it's green you can go mountain biking, if it's red stay at home, it's too dangerous because of forest fires risk! Now it's displaying this info directly on any LaMetric clock thanks to this small script...

A clean & focused headless CMS for dynamic parts of your website with features like Publish or Draft your posts, page, portfolios, and more as Contents, Clean data support (an object of content instead of raw HTML), Receive a message and more ...

This web app scraps information from MD University. The information involves admission notification fee structure and important admission dates. The site is big and some time the students get lost and misses the important information.

A new expanded and private finance experience running on the blockchain. This is the backend of a new mobile app which lets user manage their finance in a private and safety way.

Simple backend for Another Writing Application used to extract text content only. It uses Mercury Parser API to extract text and other data of an URL and return the extracted content. There is no database and no data is tracked.

The server system used in ParkouMaker (developed in UE4 by Proxima Games). Used for storing player uploaded levels through HTTP requests (VaRest plugin). Feel free to try to integrate this system into your game!

CAMP 3.0 is a bot created for the Subnautica Modding community on Discord. We're an open source modding community creating mod managers and libraries for modders to use.

Small and easy to extend moderation bot for Discord. Using parts of few other opensource projects (that I don't remember this bot is almost a year old now before publishing)

An open source vue-node starter in process, I will carefully advertize for you Currently in DEV state ! Please allow from 2 months to 6 months for it to get finished. Desc : This starter aims is to be able to start any web-app, with all ready generics components, the starter is plugged to a node.js + mongoDb Atlas back end . My node 'appSystem' directory is private and available on demand, and needed for the app to work. thanks link DEMO (Openode) :

A digital version of a Before I Die wall ( to make this analog social project accessible to those in the digital sphere during the times of Covid19 and social distancing.

Let's make something interesting. An online Texas Hold'em poker game to play with my friends. It's done with socket.js and node js, everyone can play for free. Nothing in saved behind, it's everything in memory.

Ruang Baca is an online library where anyone can borrow books from our collection. To make communication simpler between borrower and us, this project is a Whatsapp bot that answers Sahabat Baca frequently asked questions, borrow status, etc.

Regional Covid is a custom API that focuses on providing local or regional COVID-19 data based on data from How The API Works Once the default country is set, Total Global data, Regional OR Local data is scraped from by Puppeteer and then saved to a Redis Database which is an in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Redis is wicked fast hence the choice of database for this project. When End-users consume the...

Open source application program for dedicated volunteer developers to build applications that helped in the organic construction of information between members and non-members inside and outside national and international communities.

Corona live stats show current corona outbreaks status collected from worldometers. This project is a non-benefit project that aims to provide people most update coronavirus information. We plan use to host our backend!

COVID-19 LK Telegram Bot A bot for Telegram to get latest statistics on COVID-19 epidemic in Sri Lanka. Powered by the public API at (Health Promotion Bureau). Customize the source to fetch latest data from your preferred API. Sponsored and hosted by

Headlines LK Server A news aggregator from multiple news sites in Sri Lanka where user can to filter news by language. Update the sources.json to add new sources. Android App available at

hearts game created to test online efficiency and multiplayer lagging, written in several languages testing, debugging and deploying so lets go there and try it ourselves ss ss sss ss sss sss

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