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"Miniu est contente" (Satisfy Miniu) is a textual labyrinth multiplayer online game. At your own pace, solve textual puzzles. It is currently starting with French stories, but the underlying engine is ready for translation, so English should come very soon!

my strapi project to test it and to use ut in future. It could be a pet project. It would be a great place to test it. So you can take a look.

Planning Poker is an agile estimating and planning technique that is consensus based. To start a poker planning session, the product owner or customer reads an agile user story or describes a feature to the estimators. Each estimator is holding a deck of Planning Poker cards with values like 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100, which is the sequence we recommend. The values represent the number of story points, ideal days, or other units in which the team estimates.

hello, I lead a small group to learn web programming with nodejs and express. All the code produced is open source without restriction. The aim is to learn javascript and to understand the interaction between front end and back end.

Output. Play as an Artificial Intelligence in the Grid. CoreWars (the venerable programming game) meets SpaceCompany (the famous incremental game) in Output, a unique browser gaming experience. No registration needed, sophisticated aesthetics, in-game chat, adaptive gameplay. Come & have fun in peace.

1. MySQL(JAWSDB on Heroku) - user, booking, hotel, room, reward, images, transactions 2. Express - Backend framework 3. React - Frontend library - component based design - communication with backend over AJAX/Axios 4. Node - Backend JS env - handles API calls and manage DB SpartanHotels

CMS of the Commerc-e app, that contains categories, the categories have products, you can buy.CMS of the Commerc-e app, that contains categories, the categories have products, you can buy.

A website test using Corrosion. Im trying to work with corrosion on a project and this is a test to figure out how i would work with corrosion on this site

Hi, I'm zuly, a brazilian bot! Focused on animes! I can prove this to you, i have waifus system, random-anime system, and anothers much funcions to entretain you discord server!

Its a bot list of discord bots, i whant to start the project again, and i whant use this host, i thisk is a very good, its a simple project, but is complexy

Web about Stevie Wonder. His biography, music and discography. All the albums of Stevie Wonder, from 1962 until today, his videos and more from a artist pioneer and visionary of music.

This is an API built for Tazakhabar App which is an app which shows the blogs, the blogs are related to the News, any General News as well as News Reguarding Games, the App is under the review on Playstore and we are working on the Website where all the Blog/News post will be visible. This is an API built purely for study purpose only.

Palirevert is an API made in Nodejs with Express to know if the word entered in the parameters is palindrome. (A sequence that reads the same backward as forward), in addition to that, it returns the inverted word in the response, which is in json format.

Sitio web donde encontrarás los mejores videos de artistas de todos los tiempos con una breve descripción de su historia. Artistas de hoy, de ayer, y de siempre, con su música y videos más representativos.

Era a mediados de los años 80 cuando surgiría una de las bandas de soul/pop más importante de las últimas décadas. En sus más de 30 años de existencia han superado los 55 millones de discos vendidos, y han alcanzado 31 Números 1 sólo en las listas de éxito del Reino Unido. . Simply Red

A platform for hosting seminars supporting multiple seminar rooms. The seminar service is particularly created for broadcasting state changes for reveal.js presentations allowing participants to follow the presenter's slides on their own device.

Chrysalis is a Free and open source MLP-themed Discord bot. I made it because I am sick of proprietary bots that charge you for every single feature. I want to keep updating it until it is the only bot I need to use.

Discord Bot for miscellaneous automation. First use-case is as a KarutaBot assist bot, to use opencv.js and template matching to parse the given image and generate optimal solution paths for the "date" mini-game.

An index & manager of Onedrive based on serverless. It can be deployed to Heroku, Glitch, SCF, FG, FC ,CFC, PHP web hosting or VPS. It is very powerful and completely free.

Basic chat room made with node and express and socket io. It is very simple application to chat between multiple users. It is made for completing edyoda node js assignment number three.

A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.A GraphQL API for an online store.

new node js project which is to be hosted online for free. It is also used for API for my personal project and also used to learn about API and node js

It Is A Discord Bot Which Is Basically A Music Bot And It will Be 24/7 and I Will improve it More That I Can So Invite This Bot To Your Server And If U Have Any Queries so Join My Discord Server

Nathan Yeung website open source that will feature my various projects that I’ve completed over the course of the year. I will also be providing some applications that will help improve the experience online.

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator A Node.js small application to generate a custom zip file based on the WPPB by Tom McFarlin ( ). This app will find and replace plugin-name, Plugin_Name, plugin_name and author information from the original code and will send a zip file with the new code, ready to use. Running Locally Make sure you have Node.js installed. $ git clone # or clone your own fork $ cd wppb-gen-site $ npm install...

OneAuth is an all-in-one authentication client that we designed to work seamlessly with any website. It currently supports 5 clients with many more to come. More information is available at

Server for a Game project based on LUDO. This was made whith unity. This server will work whit functions. Sin nada mas que agregar para juntar las 30 palabras

A repository for open source free altspace MRE in typescript geared towards space worlds like space ship spawning and motion to add realistic components in a space based social VR setting

server for banlist project, runing on nodejs using parse framework and connect to an external mongodb banlist, is a tool to remember previous games on league of legends were flamers, leavers, feeders and troll players you disliked

A project to monitor the blood oxygen level [SpO2] and the BPM using the arduino MAX30100 and use nodejs EJS to transfer it to an SQL database using RESTFUL APIs

This Project uses node server to create a mail scheduling system that can take your email and Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Have a look at code any help is appriciated

Esta aplicación funciona en el espacio virtual de altspace vr, sirve para implementar skins con temática de la unam como bata de laboratorio, chamarra, polo y goyo, la mascota de la universidad.

modimex api is an api for modimex ecomerce website for comercial halal purposes , modimex api is an api for modimex ecomerce website for comercial halal purposes , modimex api is an api for modimex ecomerce website for comercial halal purposes

A simple 2 players game inspired from classic old-school Battleship and Missile Command. Players try to destroy the opponent's fleet while intercepting incoming missiles. The implementation is based on Openode's MMO example, and PixiJS.

Hello .I want to make my bots for study purpose. Not commerical products. Thanks for provided this hosting :)This is promise and i will promoted the web This bot will make from nodejs

This new open source project is a Node bot for Reddit. Looking to be hosted. In selected subreddits, this bot "listens" for new submissions and replies to shared articles with a summary of it.

Hosting my startup files to see what people will response to my new business, I'll be buying a paid host from openode once I get a good response from the public.

This is Node.js script. This includes: eena server js chin server js eena test js chin test js eena and eena agree and agree and more agree Thanks to ch users!!

Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description Description

TheJoker (Discord Bot telling Bad Jokes) Life is too short to be taken seriously... That's why you invite this Bot in your Discord Chanel. You will also able to play a "YLYL" (You Laugh You Lose) challenge with your friends.

This is a beginer's project. I want to learn coding MREs (Mixed Reality Extension SDK apps). This are apps used to aport interactivity on AltSpace, a Virtual Reality social network from Microsoft. To deploy this apps is mandatory to have a server where ASVR can connect whenever a user wants to use the app.

This is a bot to play songs in telegram's recently released voice chats. Users can play songs in group via 3 options like deezer, youtube music, JioSaavn. This bot can play music on Telegram Groups and Channels Voice Chats at same time.

A low-resource, room-based chat website for having private or group conversations. Is intended to be used as a chrome extension when finished, but requires a node server to run off of. No persistent storage is needed as the chat uses websockets.

Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon battling Server Source server for pokemon ba...

learning bots and getting my first steps in programming . im very motivated to succeed in this case. hope to start write my own bots very soon and make money fame and girls

Easy to use and open-source API service for developers that aims for productivity and less work, with just a few codes, you may now access our API. Serum API helps developers to code easily with our services, APIs, and more. Serum API was built just for fun.

We are migrating a non lucrative free open source project (directly from Amazon AWS). Our mission is to inform about how is covid 19 affecting us (trough covid statitcs) and movility restrictions. We feel the need of contribute to the safety of our community. For that, we have built a RESTful API (using ExpressJS) that feeds "Tu Paso", a Flutter app that brings personalized sanitary information thanks to user location.

English to Shan language translator using Node-NLP. It's not accurate as it's still a beta version. Someone who good at Shan and English are welcome to contribute this project. Thanks.

NodeJS Script to emulate values in a urban residues container. This script will generate values for the container sensors and send them to an MQTT broker. This Project is part of larger project of the Master in Internet of Things of the Beja Polytechnic Institute. Thanks to

We create online games. Starlite is a game website created for students to play games online anywhere. We started in 2017 and have been creating multiplayer and singleplayer games. Create an account without an email address or credit card! <a href="">Cloud hosted on</a>

A community project, that allows players on the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server to track and verify their winstreaks. This is because there is no universal system (yet) on NetherGames to access winstreaks. Using an API and signing data using JSON Web Tokens (HMCA SHA-256 encrypted), we track and verify winstreaks and post them to our Discord server.

Goldi is a Discord Bot used for the discord gaming community for goldman94 who is a Twitch streamer who streams strategy games like Crusader Kings 3 or Europa Universalis 4 but also streams GTA V Roleplay. This instance can be seen as a demo so others who are interested in using this open source bot can test it out.

Wear wings mre for altspace, based on wear a hat MRE available on Altspace and in MRE samples. This just includes two sample models for wings which will be added to in the coming days. Wings currently include a basic rocket pack and a butterfly wings set.

This code is for acquiring the API and Microservice certification of freecodecamp. This is the Date and Timestamp Microservice, build using HTML, JavaScript, Node.js and Express. Special thanks to

This is a clone of sample project created by Microsoft to learn how to deploy MRE for ALTSPACEVR. This MRE displays a menu of hats that avatars can wear. Showcases avatar attachments.

Fune is a web app to test and play with a simple Libre Currency called Fune (pronounced like fun). You can find more information about libre currency here:

My personal website thanks to to host demos for my personal open source projects made in javscripta and typescript using visual studio code under Manjaro Linux. Always being fascinated to share to the world the things I can do with my code by collaborating with tools and code for people to use and share.

One like to manage all your links and website it is similar to link tree build with express and nodejs and data base mongodb, Frontend by usng EJS templates first release 11-03-2021 and more improvements would come

I'm building an open source poker engine with a frontend in WordPress and a gameplay server in nodejs. I would like to be able to show it off using a demo site. (It is not for actual gambling).

This is a simple weather app created using HTML5 for learning purpose. It is based on node.js and the source code is shared on github public repository. Technology used : HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Tally Arbiter is software that allows you to combine incoming tally data from multiple sources or video switchers such as Ross Carbonite (through the TSL 3.1 protocol), Blackmagic ATEM or VideoHub, OBS Studio, VMix, etc. and arbitrate the bus state across all of the sources so that devices like cameras can accurately reflect tally data coming from those multiple locations without each device having to be connected to all sources simultaneously. Thanks for hosting.

Aviation enthusiast's friendly neighborhood bot. Get METAR, TAF and ATIS of any aerodome around the world. Also link atis with any voice channel and get voice ATIS. Track any online pilot/atc on the two biggest flight simulation networks, IVAO and VATSIM. Track any online pilot/atc on the two biggest flight simulation networks, IVAO and VATSIM.

This is website for IEEEPESVIT this is a chapter in vit vellore this website provides information about the chapter build on node and express framework.Check the website to know about the projects and latest events. Thanks, for hosting.

API para consulta da tabela do campeonato brasileiro através dos dados do site oficial da CBF (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol). Foi utilizado node js e simples biblioteca para ler o corpo do documento e extrair os dados necessários. Thanks []

This is a word puzzle game that I came up with based on the 3 random letters in CA license plates. Find the shortest word that starts with the first letter and contains the second two in order. Input your own license plate to find all possible solutions. Uses a scrabble dictionary

This project is for building and hosting a Discord bot to gain further understanding about all technologies involved (Discord, Rust+, node.js, etc). After configuring and deploying this simple bot made for the online game Rust, more complicated bots will be created. Thanks, for hosting.

Multiplayer MIDI jam space for digital fusion music performers and producers. Users connect with their MIDI instruments and everyone can play music together remotely, simulating a physical jam session. With chat capability. Thanks for hosting.

MUltilanguage Discord Bot for flight simulation. Created to help simmers that uses Discord, and have a lot of great features! RadarBot have also an buil-in economy system to bring some fun to your server. Add RadarBot to your server and enjoy!

Discord Competition Bot allows you to create tournament notifications and announce new entrants to the event. The bot was created to simplify the conduct of various competitions among the participants of the Discord servers. The bot makes it easy to manage competition permissions. The application will rapidly develop and receive new features.

A Simple Group Video Calling App Using Node.js Peerjs from WebRTC. Thanks for host my app I use node.js to make this and the dependencies are peer (a webrtc module), and express.

i3vtimer is a altspacevr MRE project to show a timer in altspacevr like a scoreboard. It will increment while tasks are being performed so when completed you can see how long it took.

"Meeting" is a secure peer-to-peer video and audio conference application that tries to eliminate the server's need. Meeting uses a WebSocket just for the initial signaling, and the actual video and audio streams are sent over the peer-to-peer network. For Meeting to work, your browser must support the WebRTC protocol. Meeting allows joining an unlimited number of attendees as far as your bandwidth supports the streamings. For your privacy, all communications that involve external servers (We...

Bot for the Street Epistemology Discord live shows. We use to mute and unmute specific people selectively and also give/revoke video permissions (among other things). More information in the readme file.

A developer data driven personal page that is hosted at github and the data driven from apis located on opennode. It will allow developers to have a single source of truth when trying to be recruited for developer positions.

A demo express app for a blog post If you want better developer experience and amazing scalability on production with ease, start using Node.js on docker today.

This website only contains the Neon Click game (sum numbers, get the exact number at the center and pass as many levels as you can in 60 seconds!), but in the future I will make the official website of Michael Primo.

MixMaster é um bot que permite criar times aleatórios e foi desenvolvido para uso em Mix de CSGO. MixMaster é um bot que permite criar times aleatórios e foi desenvolvido para uso em Mix de CSGO.

Cloud backend for an open source smart home project. It will be responsible for managing the connected devices and hubs. Hubs are small devices which are managing the data flow of the smart home devices.

this is a test mre project to test MRES in Altsapce VR . MRES or mixed reality entities are ways to connect objects and funciotnalityies between several users in VR AR or MR . this is needed to make them work

Project made for introducing to node js and chat bot telegram, is an example for conecting with the app of telegram. can consult your count mount and charge ore money to the platform, ake ets and more. Especials thanks to

Discord Calendar Bot - A Discord bot with Google Calendar Integration Developed by Marx Chryz. This chatbot was made to update students regarding to deadlines of submission in order to aid them on distant learning or online classes. <a href="">Cloud hosted on</a>

My digital garden and second-brain. My way to build competitive advantages. A place to straighten out my thinking. A place where my insights about product development and other aspects of life are laid out.

This is an open source repository website for our Web Application Development Course at the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City - University of Science - Faculty of Information Technology. (sponsored and hosted by

Hackers playground and learning of javascript server side development. Fast and handy utility site for encoding and decoding strings related to backend security string exchange standards. Mostly related to java based environments using spring framework.

Project initially used to build out a Twitter Bot that can post motivational quotes and use the scheduling option available on your platform. Follow up from that will be an Instagram Analytics Application, the app will be used for personal use only, all files uploaded and publicly available on Github.

Vegh is a file sharing progressive web app(PWA) that allows users to send files between multiple devices. It works similar to the SHAREit or Google Files app but uses web technology to complete the installation process traditional apps for different devices and applications. It also supports current file sharing on multiple devices at the same time as many file sharing applications are lacking. Vegh uses WebSockets and WebRTC to transfer files between multiple devices. It currently uses so...

A free and secure peer-to-peer meeting application. The initial signaling between peers is established by using WebSocket. All the data transferred between peers on the WebSocket are highly encrypted. The actual video and audio streams are sent through secure peer-to-peer WebRTC channels.

Open Source REST API for the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers student organization. This API will serve as a connector between our database and allow retrieval of information on a more relevant programming language.

Discord bot who diffuse ATC from several airports towers on vocal channels. User can change airport, to get real time air traffic control on choosen airport wich means he can hears arrivals and departures from airport.

Discord bot that allows you to stream ATC (Air Traffic Control) into a Discord Channel. (ATC provided by, thanks to them) I develop this alone, with my friend Jonathan who was testing. This bot is currently available on our Discord Server

My awesome discord bot for Meteor utility mod. Theres nothing much ti explain. Its just a simple discord bot that helps us to keep track of people that join / leave, update channels and moderation.

Crie links para serviços que você usa (ex. WhatsApp), de forma gratuíta. É feito usando node.js; sqllite3; html; css; js; png; express; os-utils; npm; etc. .Ainda é open-source. Tente! Thanks to

A Discord bot that handles all the needs of our custom ladder server for the anime song guessing game on The bot allows players to queue in for ranked 1v1 matches on formats of their choosing, and calculates Elo gain/loss based on their results.

Hello :) I'm french so excuse me for my grammar. I'm 22 and passing a master degree in computer science. This project is a student project I have made in order to get experience and know better nodeJS, pug and JS. Thank you and have a nice day

In this project, we analyze the use of VR in higher education. The main idea is to evaluate the usage of VR in classrooms. We, therefore, implement a VR prototype that can be used and evaluated with and by the students in a real-world scenario. The implementation is a game called "Who Am I" where people (avatars) in a VR world get a name assigned which they can not see and have to ask the other participants questions and guess who they are.

NewWeather is a small open source web app based on node.js and the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) API. Being fed up with other bloated and slow-to-load weather services after the weather service we used previously merged with another one, and discouraged by the ugly and hard to read graphs on the NWS website, I decided to build my own small weather app. This app turns the NWS API data into non-bloated, readable graphs that wouldn't take too long to load, even on mobile devices with slowe...

This web site provides graphs and data about the evolution of Covid-19 in Basque Country. The data updates dinamically form Open Data Euskadi, the Basque Government open data platform.

The php file hosted on OpeNode allows to fetch data from the "pont entente Valabre" website which shows if the forests are open or not in South of France during summer (now :) ) If it's green you can go mountain biking, if it's red stay at home, it's too dangerous because of forest fires risk! Now it's displaying this info directly on any LaMetric clock thanks to this small script...

A clean & focused headless CMS for dynamic parts of your website with features like Publish or Draft your posts, page, portfolios, and more as Contents, Clean data support (an object of content instead of raw HTML), Receive a message and more ...

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