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Project Details

"Meeting" is a secure peer-to-peer video and audio conference application that tries to eliminate the server's need. Meeting uses a WebSocket just for the initial signaling, and the actual video and audio streams are sent over the peer-to-peer network. For Meeting to work, your browser must support the WebRTC protocol. Meeting allows joining an unlimited number of attendees as far as your bandwidth supports the streamings. For your privacy, all communications that involve external servers (WebSocket in our case) are encrypted using SHA-256 encoding. All peers on the network need to know the password to decrypt signaling messages. Also, to improve communication security, Meeting disconnects you from the signaling server about 10 minutes after attendance. When there is no connection to the signaling server, no one else can join the conference. To improve the video and audio quality, Meeting reduces to the video stream to the needed size. So you can simply improve the quality just by shrinking the Meeting's window size. The Meeting's server is a simple token-based WebSocket. If you need to improve your communication privacy, you can fork the server code and change the server to your own.

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