Subscription Plans

All inclusive and recurring plans!

The Pro subscription plan comes with the innovative Auto Memory Allocation feature, which allocates the proper memory for your instance automatically.

You select any number of instances which are available for you to use. All included and no extra fee. Easy.

Open Source


We support open source projects

  • Unlimited deploys
  • 100GB Bandwidth / Month
  • 100MB Memory
  • 1000MB Image (Non Persistent) Disk Storage
  • Custom domain or

Pro Subscription


per instance / month

  • Unlimited deploys
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Auto Memory Allocation
  • 1GB Persistent Disk Storage
  • + 1GB Image (Non Persistent) Disk Storage
  • Blue-Green deployment included
  • Custom domain or
opeNode Features

Innovative Functionnalities


We have plenty of features which come up with all of our plans.
We believe in the idea that when you pay for a service, it should be all inclusive.
On the other hand, we only provide features which we believe can benefit to most of our users.
Everything we provide is available when you use our services. Simple as that.


Push your code and get it deployed instantly using our opeNode command line interface (CLI).

Auto Memory Allocation

Our subscription plan provides the Auto Memory Allocation feature, which automatically finds the right amount of memory required by your application.

Flexible Instances

We provide cheap cloud-based hosting instances with flexible instances.


Addons are easy to configure services which your instance gets attached to, such as redis, memcached.

Cost Effective

You pay on a per hour basis and our price is one of the cheapest on the market. Whenever your website is down, you don't pay, even if your files are stored on our cloud.

Automatic Build System

We generate for you a Dockerfile build file automatically based on your existing repository so that you get up and running efficiently, using our automatic templating system.

Project Settings

Configure your environment variables on our dashboard or via your config files. Support for .env (dotenv) Dockerfile environment variables.


Write recurring jobs following the crontab format easily in our dashboard. See the docs.

Replicas and blue-green deployments

You can specify a certain number of replicas which will get instantiated when you deploy. Further, you can activate blue-green deployments, where no downtime will be experienced when you deploy.

Reliable Environment

Your app runs in a secured container and you don't have to configure your own server to get up and running. No downtime when you redeploy (Blue-green deployments).

Deploy with git

Just paste your public or private git repository URL (e.g.: github, gitlab, etc.) and hit deploy to get it deployed instantly.

API and CLI Integration

Use our REST API and CLI to manage your projects efficiently. Our platform is DevOps optimized - you can operate and manage a large number of instances.

Team Management

Invite your team members on your project(s), then they will be able to manage and maintain your projects.