Traceify - Logs

Traceify provides convenient, fast, and simple logging services for modern web applications. Aggregate one or many website logs using our easy to use client packages. Search quickly through your logs via our UI or via API calls.


Aggregate Logs Remotely
Avoid storing your logs on your server(s). Aggregate them on our simple to use logs system. Our service is cheap, reliable, and fast.
Easy to Setup
Getting started takes few minutes by using our client packages. Once you imported the client, just use the opeNode CLI/API token and you are good to start logging. Currently available clients: Node.js/Javascript.
Efficiency with Saved Searches
You can save and configure searches in order to redo them whenever you want. A saved search can contain keywords and one or many log levels.
Dynamic Log Levels
Use our predefined log levels (examples: trace, debug, info, error) or define your own log levels for convenience. This allows to have fine-grained logs with flexible levels.


$0.50per month

  • 1GB per month
  • 1 month retention
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$1.50per month

  • 4GB per month
  • 1 month retention
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$3.00per month

  • 8GB per month
  • 1 month retention
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